susan thom
by on June 28, 2012
It would seem to me, and does seem to me, that there must be something waiting for us once we get through this time of ours on Earth. Why else would we go through all the trials and tribulations, and the mistakes that we hopefully learn from, and can help others with? What reason would wisdom have in our lives if not to learn, and prepare for an afterlife? I believe in God and I believe in positive energy that we, as humans can spread. However, I believe more in the positive energy that God can send our way. As long as we are trying to think in the right manner, and act and react in the right way, would we not be ready to join in God's light?

If we do nice things for friends and strangers alike, are we not getting ready to live in the Light of our Father? Goodness comes in many forms, and most often, it doesn't cost a dime, or at least not an exorbitant amount. A pretty card to cheer someone up, will do just that, cheer them up! If we can't afford a card, we can make our own. Letting someone pull out in front of us in traffic is a selfless act, as we aren't pushing our way through. Listening to someone who has a story to tell, and no one else to tell it to, is being a good friend and a good Samaritan. offering to baby-sit for friends or family so they can have a night out, costs nothing, but reaps many rewards.

Children can bring us to a humble level that allows us to wonder at God’s intelligence, and marvel at the innocence of those we are caring for. We may have a car and a neighbor may not. Taking them to the doctor’s or the store is monumental for them, and a simple task for us. Gathering pretty pictures from the Internet and including them in e mails to those we care about, not only elates our mood, but does wonders for those on the receiving end. Again, this costs nothing. Picking flowers from our garden and bringing them to the older woman across the street takes but a few moments of our time, and yet, puts a beautiful smile on their face for days to come.

Washing someone’s car for them because they are either too old, or have ailments that prevent them from doing it themselves, is another selfless act. In the same fashion, walking their dog when they no longer can will make them feel secure in their responsibility to their pet, and we can get some exercise out of it as well. Having a sleepover with grandchildren is like a dream. We get to enjoy their company, have a close relationship with them, and give our kids some time to themselves. Taking a nice walk with our camera, and getting some really interesting pictures is good for our soul. Calling or emailing a friend we haven’t talked to in a while can be a two sided street of excitement and pleasure.

Sending pictures to friends and families of our homes and children and gardens is made easy now with email. There are so many things we can do to positively affect others’ lives, and absorb some of the positive energy we are spreading around. I believe there must be a reason we are living on this Earth. It can’t just be a random act. Sand just can’t come together over years and produce people who build all the rest of our amenities. I think this world of ours is a trial run, and the more positivity we can spread, the more powerful our soul, and our ability to be worthy of what is in store for us when we pass on.
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Bernadette Coleman
I love the blog Susan. Thank you.
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susan thom
thank you bernadette-more to come Smile
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