I need some help or advise please. My sister has a severe traumatic brain injury. She was in a near fatal car accident in 2003. Just recently she has been acting out of control. She is showing no respect to me or my mother. Calling us filthy names, screaming, etc. We will be having a normal conversation with her and if she hears something she doesn't like or something doesn't go her way she snaps into a fit of rage. Last night we had another "episode" and this time she became violent and physically hit me. I don't know what to do anymore and I don't know how to help her. You can't talk about it after the "episode" happens or it refuels the fire and we start all over again. We usually ignore the outburst when it happens or casually change the subject to get her mind off of what has made her upset but it is no longer working and I am at a loss. If anyone has any advise or help or knows a group or doctor in cincinnati ohio that would be great. Thank you for listening to me.
Michael Black
Hello Tara, I read your question asking for help for your sister. I had episodes of rage a few times! I went to a councilor and talked about what was bothering me, and took antidepressants, that helped. I would see a councilor and ask about Antidepressants for your sister. (Mike Black-Founder)
I've never had rage incidents personally and like the gentleman before me said when I have acted like a asshole to people I immediately regret it and apologize to people. As Mike said I was actually put on anti depressants before I ever had any outbursts just because I felt so different emotionally after my TBI, I needed somethings to balance me out. My pyschriatist immediately put me on a mood stabilizer and when I continued to have emotional issues after that he put me on a normal anti depressant. I still have a habit of reacting to people and what they say before thinking logically. I can say that over the course of almost 4 years I've learned to control myself alot better but occasionally I do get upset more then id like. Sadly that's just a part of having frontal lobe damage from what I understand. I've never went off on anyone though, I've never felt the need to rage on someone. Honestly if she has had these issues from day one of her TBI I'm very suprised that know doctor has told you or her she needs pyschriatric medications. Typically, when a neuro doctor knows the extent of your brain injury they immediately warn you of the risks of aggression and outbursts your describing. Frontal lobe damage from my reading typically always causes the survivor to have emotional issues of some extent. As the gentleman before me said, going to the gym works for him as a outlet. For others like myself and Mike we rely on medications. Every TBI is different, every survivor had their own personality before the TBI. At the point that she will not even listen and hear how she is acting I believe she will need a combination of several different treatments to help her with this, and even then it won't go away instantly. She needs a pyschriatirist, a therapist, and potentially maybe multiple medications. She could have any number of issues but I guarantee you it's not her diet. It's her TBI. The fact that she is unable to recognize this behavior is wrong is not a good sign.
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