Michael Black
by on July 23, 2019
Mike’s Story
In 2011, Mike was involved in a terrible vehicle accident that ejected from his vehicle, where he landed on his head nearly 40 yards away. This left Mike in a coma, and with a score of only three on the Glasgow Coma Scale, doctors believed Mike’s chances of recovery were bleak. During that time, his family searched online for answers to their questions. While they found plenty of technical information, they were unable to find support from others experiencing the effects of TBI.

As a result, they formed a Facebook page documenting Mike’s road to recovery, and as Mike awoke from his coma and began to speak, eat, and walk again, more individuals affected by TBI joined the page. Over time, Mike himself began to search online for others affected by TBI, but was met with limited resources. As a result, he and his family formed TryMunity, a place where survivors and those affected by TBI can meet to share their experiences and find support.

Mike’s story is TryMunity’s story. Watch his journey on Youtube.
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