Michael Black
by on November 8, 2018
Hello, I just want to write a Blog for Motovation to all Survivors here. Here it is, my Life changed for the worst, than changed to the Best thing to ever happen to me! The Day my life changed on May 21st 2011 I was ejected from an SUV and landed 90ft away on my head! I suffered a serious Traumatic Brain Injury! I was in the ICU at Orlando Regional Medical Center for about a year. Got madically tranford to Dallas Tx. I have been doing therapy sience 2012! It's hard work, but it works. After all that was all going wrong, I met my Beauityful, Helpful, and Understanding what I'm go through-Wife Cara Black! I just want everyone to stay positive, good things do happen to survivors!
(Survivor, Founder-Mike Black)
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Marlene CSaintfleur
Your testimony is touching my heart. Thanks God for live. God bless You Guys. Have a bless Weekend.
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Michael Black
Thanks Marlene, I feel on top of the world! Everyone thought this was the worst thing to happen to a person, "Me"! I still think living with a TBI is the worst thing anyone can Live through, not me! What I say about my TBI is it was the best thing to happen to me in my life! 6 years after my TBI I g...View More
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