Bernadette Coleman
by on June 24, 2012
TBI - Practice At Home

Home-Based Cognitive Stimulation Program Provides 48 activities designed to assist in the recovery of thinking skills (language, memory-orientation, attention, problem solving, visual spatial, and fine motor con- trol). Not meant to substitute for professional therapy. Developed
at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

This site provides activities to use with individuals following their brain injury. These activities are designed to assist the individual in recovery of their thinking skills. Each activity provides a group of tasks listed by their level of difficulty. The tasks range from the least challenging (Level 1) to higher levels that are progressively more challenging.
You can select activities you feel might be appropriate and increase the level of difficulty by selecting appropriate tasks as progress warrants. Work on several tasks each day and change activities every few days to provide variety.

The program is set up so you can easily access the tasks. Give it a shot. Let us know if it helps you.
Topics: TBI