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by on June 18, 2012
David Leonhardt known as The Happy Guy says: "War and happiness are incompatible. But we can and should find happiness outside the war. There will be moments to mourn - may God grant that they be few - but we should seek out happiness at other times during the war."
Leonhardt says we can take steps to keep our spirits up and take control of our own - being during times of uncertainty and crisis. "There are hundreds of little habits that can help us feel happier, and some are particularly useful during times of uncertainty; he adds.

Top happiness tips for a world in crisis-

Leonhardt's top tips for keeping our spirits up in wartime and world crisis:

Don't play the "play-by-play" game. It is important to keep abreast of how events are unfolding, but gluing yourself to TV war coverage is no recipe for happiness. (Ever notice how carried away we can get by the play-by-play at a simple football or basketball game?) In fact, the more war coverage you watch, the more you should watch something de-stressing, such as comedy, or escapist, such as a fantasy show, or inspiring, such as a religious program.

Count your blessings. Despite overwhelming events, people today enjoy more comforts, more things, more opportunity and more knowledge than ever before. Taking time to appreciate those things brings both comfort and a positive perspective. For starters, be grateful you do not live in Iraq. If war is depressing in other parts of the world, imagine living in Iraq.

Have faith. Religion is a great comfort to people in times like these. Many people who do not practice a faith believe in God, and this is an ideal time to seek out one's spiritual side.

Smile at strangers and friends alike. A smile is an instant mood-booster, both for the person smiling and for everyone else around. When you smile at someone, you will likely elicit a smile back from her. Your smile helps her, her return smile helps you. Smiles on people around us put a comforting face on what might otherwise seem like a scary world.

Learn a new skill. Learning a new hobby or job skill adds excitement, a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of control. World events may be outside our control, but learning a new skill puts us back in the driver's seat. If it means taking a class, it also provides positive social interactions with other people who are feeling upbeat . . . and that can boost everyone's mood.

Study history. You don't have to become a scholar to notice that history is full of wars, famine, daily hardship and suppression. But it is also full of wonder, perseverance, great deeds and recovery to give us hope. Even if events around us seem bleak at the moment, history shows that they will not always be that way.

Volunteer. War and terrorism give us the sense that lots of bad things are happening to the world, and we are powerless to make good things take their place. Volunteering at a local animal shelter, seniors home or food bank gives us back the power to make our world a better place. It gives us something to optimistic about and gives us a positive role to play.

War and Happiness can Co-Exist was written by David Leonhardt"The Happy Guy"
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