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I don't know

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Thread: I don't know
I’m new and sharing. I just came back from a visit to Seattle; my cousin is graduating HS and is College shopping now. So went out there as support and to give advice.

Backstory: I’m currently on year 5 after my accident, leaving me with TBI; the worst symptoms include memory loss and fatigue, and a few minor other ones. But as of now, I still can’t work full time, I’ve had to abandon my former career because it involved full-time work and a good memory.

My current job pays just a little over minimum wage, keeping in mind I can only work part-time, it’s not a lot. I have been working for the past ~20 years; starting at age 14. So I have a ton of work experience and what is getting to me is that none of it matters. My cousin who is 18, is making ~150% more than me, at minimum wage, his first job.

Who should be getting paid more?

Person A = with an A.A. and B.S. degree. ~20 years work experience.
Person B = No HS diploma. No former work experience.

Obviously the answer is the person who lives in the ‘correct’ city/state.

I know I can forget about ever retiring, I’ll be working until I’m dead, but can I at least have enough to live? I’m dependent on (abusive) family for support. (I know I’m lucky that I have some, as there are others who don’t.)

Currently looking at Subsidized housing, but theres a waitlist of ~3 years, and the list only opens for a couple of weeks every few years. So basically a waiting list to get on a waitlist. Even if I do get it I’ll be paying some ~50% of my income to it.

I don’t know what to do. I’m trapped. Should/can I move? Should I finish what the accident started?
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