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Grad School?

Has anyone gone to graduate school post their TBI? I'm thinking about doing it because the NPS isn't working out for me since I'm on furlough so much...
Yes, I completed my doctoral post TBI. I actually found the academic environment really supportive and in many ways more supportive than the non academic world outside. The amount of accommodation I required was significant. I had to learn a new way to learn and I was not nearly as good at it as I was before my injury and it took much longer - but I did it and I am actually very proud of myself.

The bigger issue I encountered was working after my injury.... there are so many things - basic things I have been unable to master. The amount of accommodation I require is still significant, but people are not as understanding out in the real world.

I support you! Good Luck!
The thought of graduate school was always in my plans. Then the summer after my bachelors I slammed my miata into a semi truck. Two months in the hospital, a year and a half of rehab, I had to reconsider my hopes and dreams for the future.

You need to consider what kind of individual you are. How committed you are to achieving your goals? Graduate school can be very difficult for anyone. And now you have a TBI which is going to make the goal even harder.

Then again, challenge is my middle name. After three years I graduated with a Masters of Fine Arts in Film Production. Today I just finished shooting my second short and would never ever take it back.
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